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H&O Skincare is an artisanal hand-curated and organic skincare brand based in London, UK with the commitment to create the most incredible experience possible. To deliver a catalyst for loving self care and a revival of ritual through each and every yummy bottle and jar I share with you today. A lot of our formulations are influenced by simplicity and the idea that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put into your body. Our skin care brand is based on the principles that the quality of the ingredients and the purity of the formulation is paramount as well as the dosage. Full to the brim in super critical, high performance organic ingredients that are seamlessly rich in texture and high in concentration, with the intention to deliver the simplest possible blends that truly work.

Everything I do is in-house. These are my personal formulas, and each fresh ingredient is shipped directly to our studio in its whole and raw state, where we blend each micro-batch by hand and individually fill each and every bottle and jar. From there, we lovingly pack every box that goes out to our treasured direct clientele. We ship most days of the week, and nothing stays on our shelves – these treats are in constant movement to ensure ultimate freshness and efficacy. We are a super small team and a real family that truly pour our hearts into delivering a beautiful experience.

The importance of ingredients quality is a core part of our foundation. It’s not an area I’ll compromise on. And with this as my focus, I formulate and package to ensure my treats arrive to my clients in their best possible state and stay at that level of efficacy and goodness. I create all of my products with the purest ingredients which are extracted without the use of either heat or solvents and are free of heavy metals, microbes, solvents and preservatives. The quality of my products are paramount, in my skincare studio in London I oversee the careful preparation of each jar and bottle, formulation, carefully hand blended, filled with love and checked to perfection from start to finish.


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